• Robust base structure (5mm) in steel powder painted with bright and smooth finishing
  • Robust head structure made in one unique piece of structural steel
  • Patented Hydraulic system for a fine regulation of bow feed and cutting pressure
  • Speed variator Kw 4; 15÷100 m/1’
  • Miter cutting -45°/+60°; bow rotation throught conical bearings indipendent from the plans for piece support
  • Swing Arm Console with Integrated Panel to con­trol Blade Speed, Cutting Height & Piece Counter
  • Potentiometer to memorize cutting height
  • Eccentric roller for short piece cutting
  • Wide Plans for piece support for a comfortable and practical cutting area
  • Complete coolant equipment of 50 lt. tank with electro-pump 3ph. 0,1Kw inside the basement
  • Sensor for monitoring blade rotation
  • Measuring device L=500 mm with height regulation
  • Large chips container for easy cleaning
  • Bimetal blade M42 mm 3660x34x1,1,cardboard box + pallet, service wrenches, instruction manual and spare parts list





12 months guarantee on mechanical spare parts

Instruction manual and spare parts list

Free telephone support


All CARIF models 260/320/450 are completely Hydraulic:

closure of the vice, bow feed and pressure. The Carif hydraulic patented system has been designed with 2 commands: BOW FEED and CUTTING PRESSURE.
Thanks to this system the blade regularly descends, with a constant auto-regulation for every material type, section and thickness.

  • Increased productivity: No operator during cutting cycle, Ø stops.
  • Always straight cut: Auto-regulation of blade-stress based on material hardness and section.
  • Longer blade life: Slows down the bow descent without straining the blade when worn out.
  • Easy to use: Practical, simple and ergonomic operations.
  • Fast cutting operations: Fully hydraulic cycle. More efficiency.

Air/oil lubrication system 3lt. 2 elements

Digital angle integrated in the front display

Laser-line for positioning

Hydraulic device for vertical clamping of bars (1 Piece)

Additional double vice (for specific cutting)

Working LED light

Thickness for cutting at 90° (mm 500 x 190 h)

Flushing hose

Roller Unit W500 – A

Modular roller-unit type “A” : length 1m – width 500 mm – capacity 3 t/m

Roller Unit W500 – B

Modular roller-unit type “B” : length 1m – width 500 mm – capacity 3 t/m

Roller Unit W500 – C

Plan type “C” for connection roller-unit type “A” to the machine : width 500 mm

Measuring device for measuring millimeter L=1m

MS – Measuring System with Graduated Scale L=2m

CARIF MS (Measuring System) is a modern and comfortable device to precisely and quickly adjust the right cutting length. Practical and robust hard stop trolley assembled on n.2 linear carriages auto-lubricated for a smooth sliding on a T guide rail aluminium anodised. Possibility to lift the trolley to free the roller tables from the material. Easy to mount on every type of roller unit.

Starting length 2 mt – Over 2 mt possible to extend every mt

DMS – Digital Measuring System L=2m

CARIF DMS (Digital Measurement System) is a modern and comfortable device to precisely and quickly adjust the right cutting length with an easy-to-read display. CARIF DMS has been designed to be qualitative competitive, robust and of easy use. The system can be supplied together with CARIF roller units, or it can be easily adapted on other roller types already in use.

Starting length 2 mt – Over 2 mt possible to extend every mt