Minimal air/oil lubrication system

The critical factor during cutting of profiles, tubes and rods of small diameters is the lubrication of the tool during the machining process. Problems of fluid contamination in the working area and the problems associated with coolant system and environmental impact have prompted the CARIF to seek a innovative lubrication solution instead of traditional liquid coolants.

MiQueL modular system is the perfect solution to these problems, involves minimal use of biodegradable oils eliminating the problems associated with disposal of traditional coolants whilst reducing the environmental impact.

CARIF has installed MiQueL on all its machines resulting in a cleaner process and work area without sacrificing good performance of the cutting blade.

Miquel, a Dropsa patented product, is equipped with a device that also guarantees the absence of lubricant dripping once the system is de-activated.

“We are very happy of Miquel …” says Michele Canna, CARIF Sales and Operation Manager “… since applying it the performance of our machines have increased and our customers are very satisfied”.

VISIT Lubrication of CARIF bandsawing machines using MiQueL by DropsA